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Authored Books

In process        Experimental States: an ethnographic study of political creativity and regulatory ambiguity (co-written with D. Poole).

2015                 Roads. An Anthropology of Infrastructure and Expertise. Co-authored with Hannah Knox.  Ithaca: Cornell University Press.

1996                 Hybrids of Modernity: Anthropology, The Nation State and the Universal Exhibition, London: Routledge.

1992                 Researching Language: Issues of Power and Method, with D. Cameron, E. Frazer, B. Rampton, K. Richardson (London: Routledge).

Edited Books

Forthcoming       Anthropos and the Material: Anthropological Reflections on Emerging Political Formations. Edited with C.Krohn-Hansen and K. Nustad.

2017                 Infrastructure and Social Complexity: A Routledge Companion. Edited with C. Bruun Jensen and A. Morita. London: Routledge.

2014                 Roads and Anthropology: Ethnography, Infrastructures, (Im)mobility. Edited with Dimitris Dalakoglou. London: Routledge. Cited 44 times, Google Scholar.

2013                 Objects and Materials: A Routledge Companion. Edited with Eleanor Casella, Gillian Evans, Hannah Knox, Christine McLean, Elizabeth Silva, Nick Thoburn and Kath Woodward. London: Routledge. Cited 20 times, Google Scholar.

2010                Technologized Images, Technologized Bodies: anthropological  approaches to a new politics of vision. Edited with J. Edwards and P. Wade. Berghahn Books: Oxford.

2007                Anthropology and Science: Epistemologies in Practice. Edited with J. Edwards and P. Wade, Oxford: Berg.

1994                 Sex and Violence: Issues in Representation and Experience. Edited with P. Gow London: Routledge.


Special Editions

2018                 Dislocating Labour: Anthropological Reconfigurations. Co-edited with C. Krohn Hansen.

2016                    ‘The Material and Social Intimacies of Waste Infrastructures’ in Ethnos, special issue on Infrastructures. Published online: 19 Jan 2016.

2012                 Roads and Anthropology. Co-edited with D. Dalakoglou.  Special issue  of Mobilities (7:4)  (published as an edited volume in 2014 – see edited books) Cited 67 times, Google Scholar.

2012                 Thematic section of Antropológica, 30:30, (co-edited with D. Poole).

2007                 Sociological Review. Guest edited section on ‘Expertise, Technology and Public Culture’ with introduction (by Harvey) to three papers (by Knox, Sykes and Bolton).

2006                 Social Anthropology 14:2 (co-edited with T. Fillitz). Guest edited section on ‘Threatening Communication. The Discomfort of Proximity’ with introduction (by Harvey & Fillitz) to three papers (by Kalir, Evans and Blanes).

1997                 Technology as Skilled Practice: approaches from anthropology, psychology and history, special edition of Social Analysis 41(1).

Journal papers

2017                  ‘Infrastructural Incursions’. Co-authored  with Hannah Knox and S. Collier. In Limn (7) Public Infrastructures/Infrastructural Publics. C. Mizes. and A. von Schnitzler (eds), pp.16-20.

2016                  ‘Negotiating Uncertainty: neoliberal statecraft in contemporary Peru’. Co-authored with Annabel Pinker. Social Analysis, 59:4. pp. 15-31.

2016                  ‘Waste Futures: Infrastructures and Political Experimentation in Southern Peru’. Ethnos, special issue on Infrastructures,4 November 2015, p.1-18.

2015                   ‘Concrete/Material’ in ‘The Infrastructure Toolbox’, Theorizing the Contemporary, Cultural Anthropology online.

2013                   ‘Surface Dramas, Knowledge Gaps and Scalar Shifts: Infrastructural Engineering in Sacred Spaces’, Occasional Paper, Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney.

2013                   Anticipating Failure: Transparency Devices and their Effects’. Co-authored with M. Reeves and E. Ruppert. In Journal of Cultural Economy, 6:3.pp. 294-312. Cited 18 times, Google Scholar.

2013                  ‘Políticas de la materia y residuos sólidos: descentralización y sistemas integrados’, forthcoming in Antropologica, 30:30, pp. 133-150, Lima: Peru.

 2012                  ‘The topological quality of infrastructural relations. An ethnographic approach’ in Theory, Culture and Society, vol 29:4/5, pp. 76-92.

2012                  ‘The Enchantments of Infrastructure’. Co-authored with Hannah Knox. In Mobilities, 7:4, pp. 521-536. Cited 70 times, Google Scholar.

2011                  ‘Anticipating Harm: Regulation and Irregularity on a Road Construction Project in the Peruvian Andes’. Co-authored with H. Knox. In Theory, Culture and Society, vol 28(6), 142-163.

2010                  ‘Cementing Relations: the materiality of roads and public spaces in provincial Peru’. Social Analysis, 54:2, 28-46. Reprinted in 2012 (see book chapters).

2009                  Between Narrative and Number: The Case of ARUP’s 3D Digital City Model. Cultural Sociology, volume 3(2) 257-276. Cited 14 times, Google Scholar.

 2008                 “Otherwise Engaged”: Culture, Deviance and the Quest for Connectivity through Road Construction. Journal of Cultural Economy  vol 1(1) 79-92Cited 24 times, Google Scholar.

 2006                 ‘Social networks and the study of relations: networks as method, metaphor and form’. Co-authored with H. Knox and M. Savage. Economy and Society 35.1, 113-140. Cited 327 times, Google Scholar.

2005                 ‘Scales of place and networks: an ethnography of the imperative to connect through information and communications technologies’. (Co-authored with S.Green and H.Knox). Current Anthropology, 46:5, 805-826. Cited 80 times, Google Scholar.

 1999                 ‘Endpiece’ for Journal of Latin American Anthropology, 3:2.

1999                 ‘O poder seductor da violencia e da desigualdade’ (The seductive power of violence and inequality). Mosaico: Revista de Ciencias Socias, 2:1, 45-59.

1998                 ‘Exploitable Knowledge belongs to the Creators of it: a debate’ Social             Anthropology, 6:1, 109-126 (with Strathern, Carneiro da Cuhna, Descola, Afonso).

1997                 ‘Die Geschlechtilche Konstitution Von Gewalt: Einevergleichende Studie uber Geschlecht und Gewalt’ (Gendering Violence: The Comparative Study of Sex and Violence), Kolner Zeitschrift fur Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, Special edition (ed) Trutz von Trotha, Soziologie der Gewalt, 122-38.

1996                 ‘Bulimia and Force Feeding: Contrasting Techniques of Revealing the Self’. Renaisssance and Modern Studies, 39:78-94, special edition on Space and Gender edited by M.Millington and C. Heywood.

1996                 ‘Multiculturalism without Responsibility? The contemporary Universal Exhibition’. Critical Quarterly, 38:3, 30-44.

1995                 ‘Deterritorialization, a debate with Nestor Garcia- Canclini’ for special issue of the Journal of Art and Design (ed.) Nikos Papastergiadis. 41-43.

1993                 ‘Ethics, Advocacy and Empowerment: Issues of Method in Researching        Language’, co-authored with D. Cameron, E. Frazer, B. Rampton and K. Richardson. Special issue of Language and Communication, vol 13, no. 2 (81-94). Reply to Comments (141-145)

1993                 ‘Ethnographic Film and the Politics of Difference’. Visual Anthropology Review 9(1):164-176.

1991                 ‘Drunken Speech and the Construction of Meaning – Bilingual Competence in the Southern Peruvian Andes’. Language in Society 20:1- 36.

1991                 ‘Mujeres que no hablan castellano: genero, poder y bilinguismo en un pueblo andino’.  Allpanchis 38:227-260.

1987                 ‘Lenguaje y relaciones de poder: consecuencias para una politica lingüística’. Allpanchis No 29/30 Ano XIX:105-131.

Book chapters

In press            ‘Reconfiguring State Citizen Relations: the politics of waste infrastructures’. Co-authored with with Y. Kallianos and C. Lewis. In F. Dodsworth and A. Walford (eds.) Framing Social Change: Finding Hope Amongst the Wastelands of Globalization. London: Routledge.

In press            ‘Infrastructures in and out of time:  the promise of roads in contemporary Peru’. In N. Anand, H. Appel, and A. Gupta (eds) The Promise of Infrastructure, Santa Fe: SAR Press with Duke University Press.

2017                 ‘Infraestructuras controversiales’ in P. di Giminiani, A. Aedo and J. Loera Gonzalez (eds) Ecopoliticas Globales: Medio Ambiente, Bienestar y Poder. Hueders: Santiago de Chile, pp. 47-79.

2015                 Virtuous Detachments in Engineering Practice – on the Ethics of (Not) Making a Difference. Co-authored with Hannah Knox. In M. Candea, J. Cook and T. Yarrow (eds) Detachment: essays on the limits of relational thinking. Manchester: Manchester University Press. Pp. 58-78.

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2012                 Knowledge and Experimental Practice. A Dialogue between Anthropology and Science and Technology R. Fardon (ed) ASA Handbook of Social Anthropology. London: Sage, pp.115-129.

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